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Ruckus AP's - Multicast UDP stream Issues ZF7363 and R500

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Multicast and UDP stop streaming issues:

Hi All,

I've been having major issues with a Hotel/Property running ZF7363's and R500 AP's in the rooms. AP's need rebooting almost daily.
They have a IPTV solution that connects to the AP as there is only 1x Cat5e cable available to each room.

The Edge switches being used are HP5130 POE switches,

The Samsung TV's being used are Samsung AD690's hotel tv's. The TV's stream perfectly for a couple of hours and then the udp/multicast steams stop. I still have full bi-communication with the TV over the network, but no streams seem to pass through. Only after a ap reboot the streams start working again.

I have added a the following config onto the ZD3050 for each AP model being used.

Ruckus(config)# ap-group system default     

The AP group entry 'System Default' has been loaded. To save the AP group, type 'end' or 'exit'.

ruckus(config-apgrp)# model r500 port-setting     

ruckus(config-apgrp-port)# lan 2 qos igmp-snooping 

ruckus(config-apgrp-port)# end


ruckus(config-apgrp)# model zf7363 port-setting     

ruckus(config-apgrp-port)# lan 2 qos igmp-snooping 

ruckus(config-apgrp-port)# end

On the ZD controller i have configured LAN 2 to be an access port to Vlan 5 - which is the IPTV vlan.

The Controller is currently on Version

System View

  Uptime= 339d 12h 53m

  Model= ZD3050

  Licensed APs= 200

  Serial Number= xxxxxxxxxx

  Version= build 59

Some assistance will be hugely appreciated.

Thank you in Advanced,



New Contributor III
Where would i need to add an IP. Don't see any option to add a IP. See screenshot of WLAN setup. just to confirm, i don't want to stream wirelessly. Stream needs to go through the Lan 2 interface. TV is Hard wired to the AP.
Image_ images_messages_5f91c43c135b77e2479d58af_dcd052fd970530c941b2cdb57bfd7606_RackMultipart20170821803983v7b-35c86e4d-3bbd-4936-83fd-7c72bf85c44e-1052156220.png1503308116 
Image_ images_messages_5f91c43c135b77e2479d58af_d5b8a65e2be84884542c50f2e2ba0ffa_RackMultipart201708218329912h2-80e42a57-abdf-426e-a084-ecd0cdc26a7e-1638335429.png1503308162

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apologies, i was under impression that TV's connect to AP via certainly AP is messing something up...

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are you still facing the problems? i had the same problem and got it fixed

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@Stanley Hotel

Don't know about the original poster but we are seeing something very similar.  How did you solve your issue?

New Contributor

Following up for anyone else hitting the thread.  On our issue, we found directed multicast needed to be disabled on the Ruckus AP port connected to the network switch stack.  Once done, the IPTV's worked perfectly.

Other possible solutions we found in other threads with similar issues:

Disable Directed Multicast on the endpoint facing port of the AP

Disable IGMP Snooping on the endpoint facing port of the AP

Disable IGMP Snooping on the backbone facing port of the AP

Enable PortFast and Fast-Leave on the network switch stack port feeding the AP.

Not directly related to the Ruckus AP's but we also found on our Cisco switches PIM needed to be enabled.  Until it was, IPTV's connected directly to the network were having very similar issues to the IPTV's connected via the Ruckus AP's.

Good luck!