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Ruckus AP's - Multicast UDP stream Issues ZF7363 and R500

New Contributor III
Multicast and UDP stop streaming issues:

Hi All,

I've been having major issues with a Hotel/Property running ZF7363's and R500 AP's in the rooms. AP's need rebooting almost daily.
They have a IPTV solution that connects to the AP as there is only 1x Cat5e cable available to each room.

The Edge switches being used are HP5130 POE switches,

The Samsung TV's being used are Samsung AD690's hotel tv's. The TV's stream perfectly for a couple of hours and then the udp/multicast steams stop. I still have full bi-communication with the TV over the network, but no streams seem to pass through. Only after a ap reboot the streams start working again.

I have added a the following config onto the ZD3050 for each AP model being used.

Ruckus(config)# ap-group system default     

The AP group entry 'System Default' has been loaded. To save the AP group, type 'end' or 'exit'.

ruckus(config-apgrp)# model r500 port-setting     

ruckus(config-apgrp-port)# lan 2 qos igmp-snooping 

ruckus(config-apgrp-port)# end


ruckus(config-apgrp)# model zf7363 port-setting     

ruckus(config-apgrp-port)# lan 2 qos igmp-snooping 

ruckus(config-apgrp-port)# end

On the ZD controller i have configured LAN 2 to be an access port to Vlan 5 - which is the IPTV vlan.

The Controller is currently on Version

System View

  Uptime= 339d 12h 53m

  Model= ZD3050

  Licensed APs= 200

  Serial Number= xxxxxxxxxx

  Version= build 59

Some assistance will be hugely appreciated.

Thank you in Advanced,



Esteemed Contributor II

    You might want to work with Tech Support to analyze your entire network, from the wireless clients
to the IPtv streaming source server, and sometimes different configurations can work better than others.

Please see a couple of descriptive KBA articles:

    Do you know the maximum total streaming clients that have been accessing Multicast streams?
I think there might be limits to how many can go thru an AP simultaneously.  Here are my thoughts.

1. Usually use the latest version of ZD firmware that supports all your models of AP.  If you can't
go higher than 9.10, your ZD could run (MR2 Refresh), from this link.  Do a backup
and schedule a change management period for any upgrade.

2.  Ruckus uses a Directed Multicast feature, where the first 5 members of a UDP igmp group,
will be converted from UDP (best effort) to TCP (guarenteed) delivery.  This is *usually* a good
thing.  We have ZD WLAN group CLI commands that can turn off (disable) Directed Multicast,
described in a KBA above.

3.  IGMP Snooping is a third consideration.  If you don't enable IGMP snooping at the AP, the msgs
go thru to/from the wireless clients, instead of the AP acting like their proxy.  You might try turning
off IGMP snooping, if the above recommendations don't seem to greatly improve your results.

Good luck and best regards.

Valued Contributor II

i read your post 2-3 times to understand and in a nutshell,

during good times, everything work ok i.e. stream to TV's and you able to communicate with TV via pings etc on same wifi connection. Ruckus AP is in between the network and TV's correct?

during bad times, everything is NOT ok i.e. stream to TV's stops however you are able to communicate with TV via pings etc. Ruckus AP is in between the network and TV's correct?

Is this something started to occur very recently? seems your installs is an old install..

New Contributor III
Good Morning Guys,
@Monnat - that is correct. I have done some additional testing, When the issue actually happens, i'm able to stream everything just fine on my macbook using VLC when i have configured a SSID pointing to the the IPTV VLan, During the test the TV still is not able to stream. But when i reboot the AP, the TV and my macbook streams just fine. I'm thinking that when the TV changes a channel to a different UDP stream, the AP doesn't send a leave request to the switch and 2 or more channels continue to stream through the AP... This causing the AP to flood and to stop all streams. When i completely bypass the AP and connect the TV straight to the switch the tv doesn't have any issues.

Let me know if there is a port fast or igmp fast leave config I'm able to add on the ap's.

Valued Contributor II
it may sound like dumb step however can u pls try OR TEST this...
clone the WLAN to which TV connect however on this new WLAN make sure you don't use any security or encryption... just keep it open (may be a L2 ACL applied)...keep rest of the stuff as it is like VLAN, IP etc
and see if problem persist or not...
i think ecryption re-keying is messed up b/w AP and samsung TV... just a hunch...