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Ruckus AP R500 with and ZD3050 with Build 58

New Contributor III
We have a ZD3050 with firmware build 58 and recently purchased 40 R500 AP's with firmware but the AP's are refusing the firmware downgrade. Any idea on how to create a working situation? Upgrading the ZD is not an option since we still have more the 150 7962 AP's...

New Contributor III
Hi all,

Recently ran into the same issue. ALL R500, R600, T300 and T301 ap's with a serialnumber starting with 4717xxx and later. Which means they are manufactured from 2017 and later hhave this issue due to the flashchip that is built in the AP. The ZD FW needs to be 9.10 or higher for this to work. All ap's before 2017 will work fine. No workarroud or patch is available for this. Hope this info helps