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Ruckus 7982 issues on Cisco 3750PoE Switches

New Contributor
I have a Cisco 3750PoE-48 network at all of my stores. Sometimes a ZF7982 will stop communicating with my ZD3000 causing service outages at that location. I have found only 2 things to fix this particular problem; either move the wap to another port and configure the port or reboot the switch for the wap to come back up. Anyone having this issue?

Esteemed Contributor II
   Yes, there have been observations about not all 802.3af switches will adequately power the 7982 model APs.

   The common workaround, if you have enough ports, is just to not connect two APs in adjacent ports, either
side by side or above/below each other, so only 2 APs draw power from a 4 port block of switch ports, often
powered by a single tranceiver each.