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Ruckus 7962 AP

New Contributor II
Can the Ruckus Zoneflex 7962 AP operate in Standalone mode, or does it require a controller, like a WLC?   

I found a refurb at a great price, since  I mainly wanted to just open it up to show my students how BeamFlex differs from Beam Forming (I've seen "parts-only models of the same AP go for 4x-5x the price).,

If it's capable of operating without a controller, I'll definitely snap it up, since this would be the first Ruckus AP I've ever used, and I'm trying to introduce my students to as many different APs and other wireless devices as possible.   

The product PDF the seller linked to states this: 

"The ZoneFlex 7962 can be
managed as a standalone AP through a Web-based GUI
, using SNMP or through the Ruckus FlexMaster Wi-Fi remote management system. Local management can also be performed using the ZoneDirector Smart WLAN controller."

(emphasis mine)

If it really can be used standalone, I'll happily snap it up tonight, even if I need to get just a power brick instead of a PoE injector, since it would stay indoors in the lab (although the PoE injector is preferable).  

Can anybody clear this up for me, before I pull the trigger on this? 


Contributor III
Yes you can operate the 7962 as a standalone AP. If it has previously been managed by a controller, you will need to do a hard reset (press and hold the reset button 8 seconds). Login with user name "super" and password "sp-admin" . You can easily pop the dome off to display the antenna array. It can be powered with a POE injector, poe switch, or AC adapter. The 7962 was a great AP.

Pinch them on the sides of the Dome to pop them off...

New Contributor II
Sweet! Thanks!  😄

Esteemed Contributor II
Caveat Emptor!  (buyer beware)

Most 2nd hand APs for sale, were already RMA'd (returned for replacement, and no longer eligible for support).

So if they do power up, our zf7962 was our 802.11bg/an flagship until the zf7982 came out.

The last Solo AP image, is available to anyone at this link on our Support site:  

At the price today, a little PoE switch is a good option to power a couple APs and allow a couple workstations.

The benefit of BeamFlex is our antenna arrays reply back to clients using the two nearest antennas we heard
from the client on last.  That way we don't direct energy all around, causing interference to other AP/clients.

Good luck with your demo.