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Ruckus 7731 and P300

New Contributor III
Hello everyone ,
I want to connect 3 School buildings by using wireless bridge (7731 OR P300) the distance between one and another about 100m ,also I want to use APs in the Schools' Building to connect the classes wirelessly (could you help me to choose the appropriate APs I can use ? , one of the building is very old and has a very strong building ) , Do I need Controller for APs and Flex Master for wireless bridge , Also which one of the wireless bridge I can use ? ...
Regards ,

Valued Contributor II

You need to get a site survey done so that they suggest a right model of AP based to area to cover, user density etc.. Better you talk to your local ruckus VAR to assist in this case.

Whether you need a controller or don't - its based on no of AP's, how do u want to manage etc - again, get in touch with Local Ruckus VAR so that they can guide you on value proposition of solution with controller and/or with Flex master...

I suggest you go for P300 as its an 802.11AC P2P, new hardware with latest tech

New Contributor
Yep, better to contact local office for them to help you define which AP is better. However, P300 as has been mentioned must work for you.