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Ruckus 7352 APs keep dropping connection with Apple Mac devices

New Contributor
Hi all

I have raised this with support but I need to get an answer quickly.

We have 2 floor building with 1x 1100 controller and 4x 7352 AP.

Wireless clients connect to the 7352 AP on 2.4GHz, 802.11d is enabled on the wlan and all APs are root.

The wireless keeps dropping for most Apple Macbook devices, especially noticeable during skype calls.

Any ideas would be greatly received?

Esteemed Contributor II
To troubleshoot, view the System Info file of the AP the problem client is on
(from Monitor/Access Points, first icon (blue/green) to right of selected AP).
Search for the client MAC in the connected clients tables and evaluate the
RSSI and PER values. High interference can affect client connectivity and
can be near the AP (Athstats) or the Client (PER). Version is the
current recommended ZoneDirector firmware. Always try to load latest client
radio/supplicant drivers too.

Valued Contributor II
Hello Unrealone1,

Try disabling few of the features just for testing to see if that minimizes your issue:

If you are using AUTO channel then fix a static channel on each AP and ensure that NON-over lapping channel are used. You will find this in AP configuration

Also try disabling background scanning or increase the interval to MAX value. You will find this in services section.

Hope this helps.

PS: Devices reconnect on their own after they drop. correct?
Skype calls see real quick blip and returns to normalcy. correct?
what does the ZD event & activities says for such drops?
Does it impact NON-apple devices like android or windows laptop?