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Rate Limiting w/ 9.13

New Contributor II
I am having some trouble with our wireless at my company.  We have about 20 7372's and have ZD3000's in redundancy.  We frequently use the rate limiting per WLAN feature to maintain even bandwidth across our guest SSID.  Since we've upgraded to 9.13 this feature no longer works as intended. In fact, it causes an overall increase in packet loss if both upload and download are selected.  If only upload or only download is selected, it just seems to ignore the setting all together.  At a few of our other sites we use R510's so we need 9.13 for the AP's to work. Anyone else seeing issues with this? 

Thanks for input.


New Contributor III
I see few fixes related to rate limiting in 9.13.1 release notes.
What is the complete firmware version on your ZD3000

New Contributor II
We are on the latest release.