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Rate Limiting via Radius

New Contributor II

We have a standalone AP 7372 running on latest firmware with hotspot configured to our RADIUS.

Inside the SSID Configuration, we do not set any rate limiting. We intend to control the rate limiting via RADIUS but somehow it doesn't work.

The attribute we are using is

Is this a bug? Anyone has got this to work?


Esteemed Contributor II
Hello Mr Arsyad,

   While WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Up/Down is a standard attribute, Ruckus doe not
support all attributes (in Standalone AP or ZD managed AP) as outlined.  Here is a
list of the VSAs in our dictionary file for a Standalone AP 802.1x exchange, with
the additional three (3) WISPr specific attributes used in HotSpot/WISPr.  I hope
this is helpful.


 (1) User name

 (4) NAS IP Address

 (95) NAS IPv6 Address

 (32) NAS Identifier

 (5) NAS Port

 (30) Called Station ID: format is wlan-mac+SSID

 (31) Calling Station ID: format is sta's mac

 (12) Framed MTU: hard-coded to be 1400

 (61) NAS Port Type: hard-coded to be 802.11 port (19)

 (77) Connection Info: hard-coded to be "CONNECT 11Mbps 802.11b"

 ==> (79) EAP payload

 ==> (24) State: if radius access-challenge in last received radius msg from AAA

 (80) Message Authenticator

 Additional attributes supported in WISPr WLAN

o (44) Acct session Id

o (2) Password

o (8) Framed IP address

o WISPr vendor specific attribute (vendor id = 14122)

 (1)WISPr location name

 (2) WISPr location id

 (4) WISPr redirection URL






Esteemed Contributor II
Mr Arsyad, the Ruckus recommended solution is to rate-limit the WISPr WLAN, and thus on all clients equally, as an Advanced Option under WLAN configuration.

New Contributor II
Hi Michael,

In this case, are you saying that it is not possible to set the rate limit via WISPr / RADIUS and the only way is through the WLAN configuration?

Esteemed Contributor II
Yes, as we do not look at the WISPr rate limit VSAs.