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Faulty 7962?

New Contributor
Hi all, greetings from New Zealand, first time poster. I picked up a ZF7962 and it won't start. On power up I get the front light goes orange and the 2.4 & 5 GHz lights also light up. The unit won't do anything else, can't access it via Web I terrace, no LAN lights come up nothing. I'very tried a hard reset nothing.

Any suggestions?

Valued Contributor
Any green lights at all?
If so then try hard wire the ZF into a switch/router with switch ports and likewise your pc/laptop.
Set pc/laptop IP into same subnet as default address of ZF7962 ( just a guess, please check).
Enter that IP as a proxy exception in your browser settings...then put that IP into the address bar of browser...if you get a prompt for a user/password then you are good to go.

Else ping the IP to see if there is a route and start troubleshooting (drat).

If no green lights and you've carried out the reset to defaults then seems likely to be hardware.

Hi Aaron,

best way to make sure that the AP is able to communicate with other
devices is to connect it directly to a computer and see if you are able
to ping and access the GUI of the AP.

  • Initially hard reset the AP by pressing and holding the reset
    button on the AP for 10  to 15 seconds using a pin or paperclip, make
    sure the AP is powered up.

  • Connect the AP directly to a computer and assign an IP address to the computer in the same range as AP ( eg.

  • Ping the AP - from the computer, if there is no packet
    loss try to access the GUI of the AP by opening a browser and typing in in the address bar.

If these steps are successful, then you've shown that the AP is able to
communicate with the network and working fine. Otherwise, it is

default AP is a DHCP client, so the AP will grab an IP address as soon
as it is connected to the network. When the AP is powered by PoE switch
and there is a DHCP server in the network the default ip for the AP is
not . The corresponding ip can be found on the DHCP server using the MAC address of the AP .