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R730 and Wireless Mesh

New Contributor
Can R730 be configured in wireless mesh configuration on any type of conntroller at this moment?
If not what is the most performing AP at the moment that can work in wireless mesh?

Valued Contributor
Hi Maskim,

The R730 doesn't yet have SmartMesh support on any Ruckus controller platform.  However we are expecting the feature to be included in an update in the near future.  Unfortuantely I don't have any timescales available.

The SmartZone controller platform will almost certainly be the first platform to support the SmartMesh feature for the R730 when it becomes available. 

If your requirement is urgent then the next AP in terms of performance is the R720, an 802.11ac Wave2 4x4:4 high-performance AP with a multi-gig Ethernet port:

I hope the above information helps.

It has been 11 months since this post. R730 has smartmesh listed on the specsheet, but still not supported on latest firmware?? This is just downright false advertising.