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R730 Coverage.

New Contributor III
R730 Coverage. R730 AP, in my company we bought 5 R730 APs and I have set them up, their wireless coverage is not more than 7m. Is there anything I can do to boast the wifi coverage?

the local firmware is behind an auth wall. So you'll need a login to the support site to download. I believe you're using Flex firmware, which means there is an assumption you'll be upgrading from a controller(zd or SCG) which may be part of the problem. I've located the Standalone FW for that AP ( R series ) it is here.

And here is the support page for the AP,200.8,114.0,112.1,10.1,3.6:All...

Best of luck,

Contributor II
It looks like you are using Standalone or Solo Access Point code which is the default that R730 would be shipped with.  This is 'staging' code and should not be used in production.
Consider using Ruckus Cloud or Unleashed to manage the 5 access points and this will bring the features to life.  (Sorry Unleashed is not supported on R730 though - you could also get a Zone Director or SmartZone but this could be overkill for 5 AP site).

Once you have the correct management platform, the firmware will be updated to match.  Also check that your power source is providing at least 30W 802.3at PoE. If you only have 802.3af power the R730 will not work correctly!

Valued Contributor II
I would highly recommend trying out vSZ just as a proof of concept to rule out this being a standalone/solo specific issue.

The vSZ appliance image is downloadable with a regular non-premium support account and works for a 90 day grace period for 5 APs or less. (IMO Ruckus should consider extending that time for those of us who are enthusiasts doing a Ruckus-at-home setup and not using SmartZone for commercial purposes).

All you need is a machine that can run VMWare ESXi and 12GB of  RAM, which is fairly common to find.

I also prefer that SmartZone managed APs are more fault tolerant when the controller goes down compared to ZD1200.

New Contributor III
Hi Guys, finally the upgrade has been completed. I un-box the ZD 1200 and set it up to manage the APs. Automatically the R730 got upgraded immediately.