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R710 coverage and features

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Hi We are currently using ZD1200 with 5 R700 AP and planning on adding two more AP but there is no enough channel on 5GHz 80 MHz so we move to 5GHz 40MHz but we are not so impress with the performance. And i heard that R710 has better coverage compare to R700. Can someone confirm that for me please... also if its true how does it enable better coverage on 5GHz ... i mean both R710 and R700 when deploy on 5GHz 80MHz they are both seems running on the same frequency to me ... please need clarification.....

You say the following:
oh and we have 45mpbs+30mbps = 75mbps WAN line which are club together
Are these WAN links load balanced?

If you were to do the math on your WAN, and look at your backhaul in relationship to you concurrent user volume. If all your clients were on at once they would share the WAN and be able to pass 357Kbps each - this is not a lot.

Network design always starts at application demand and the number of clients which demand the use of that application and the value associated to that application.


Lets say your application is 4Mbps

Your client count is 210 with a client radio split of 65% - meaning your busiest frequency would have 137 clients on it.

Lets also say your Max TCP throughput of the AP radio (802.11ac using a 40MHz Channel and a single spatial stream) is 70Mbps on the DL.

Your cell edge deisgn is -61dBm (based on IEEE values for 64QAM bitrate)

The airtime required for a 4Mbps constant stream would be as follows:

1x1 Client = 5.93% @ Top Bitrate

If you then look at your client limit of 137 the total airtime to pass the demand for the application at once would be 811.85%.

Your happy airtime is 75%.

This would mean that you need 11 AP's to deliver the application to client numbers.

You would also need a backhaul of 840Mbps.

As you can RF is one thing, but you have to base your RF on what your network demand is first.

Hi Sean both the WAN line are active at the same 1:1 and based on rrd graph concurrent usage on 45 Mbps line is around 15Mpbs and on the 30Mbps line it is around 10Mbps .... for the past 6 months (enabling proxy really helps).
And previously while we are on 5GHz 80 MHz .... downloading apple update of size 2Gigs take around 2 minutes... but i haven't test it since we enable 5GHz 40MHz ... so regarding the WAN pipe i believe it is ok for now ....

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and average bandwith usasge is around 25+15mbps ... concurrently

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and i feel i can do with 2 R710 and remove 4 R700.... please let me know ..thank you

What is the areas in which you are deploying these AP's as the airtime impact you are mentioning points to this being an open space... am I correct?