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R710 Standalone: Problem connecting web gui after factory reset

New Contributor II
After resetting to factory defaults it is only possible to connect via ssh.
Web gui won't let me connect with the standard credentials:


The problem stays even after fw upgrade to "Standalone AP Software (R710)"

What is the the problem?

Thx in advance.

Esteemed Contributor II
It is interesting that your credentials work for SSH but not HTTPS.

To troubleshoot, use an SSH utility that allows you to capture your session output (ie putty.exe).

Use a command from the 'help debuggroup' CLI commands.

rkscli:  support

rkscli:  support show

which will generate your support info file, and then display it to the terminal screen (that's why

you capture your output).

You'll probably then have to contact Tech Support for help analyzing the AP support info file to

try to understand if the webs process crashed, or...?

New Contributor
I think https is disabled by default after reset.  Try ssh to the unit and enter "set https enable'