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R700 throughput, what's reasonable to expect?

New Contributor II
I have owned a 7363, R500, and now an R700. I upgraded to each from the former in pursuit of better throughput. I am now running firmware on my R700 and experiencing throughput during windows file transfer that I consider to be pretty poor. I can only get around 18 MB/s in local file transfers involving a NAS which is very fast and a Dell XPS15 9550 laptop with a 3x3 card and a fast SSD. This is with sitting 10 feet LOS from the AP or in testing putting the laptop right next to the AP.

I feel like my 7363 was about this fast to a 2x2 n laptop. My R500 was a little faster to a 2x2 ac laptop, but not by much. I feel like a 3x3 AP like the R700 going to a top of the line 3x3 laptop should be much faster. I don't have any other spectrum hogs on my network and I am not in an apartment with lots of interference around.

What should I be expecting in this scenario?

Also, of little consequence to this discussion but just to note, I find the firmware situation with this AP to be a bit frustrating. I'm running for stability since I had issues with the other firmware trains on my R500. But this firmware seems to have many important features disabled. Later 9 prefix firmwares seem to be better, but they are only available with premium support? I find it pretty weak that I can't get a stable firmware that has all the important features enabled. I see references to a promising 104 prefix firmware for the R700 on other AP's download pages, but it is not accessible anywhere. No bueno. I understand that I don't have premium support, but can't I just get a darn recent and fully featured firmware image?

Update: I managed to get a support case opened with Ruckus over this, and the very nice and knowledgeable support agent informed me that is expected (not guaranteed) to be posted for the R700 later this month. It sounded like it wasn't yet built for the R700 and would be made available when possible.