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R700 dropping Bonjour mDNS packets but 7982 is not

Valued Contributor II
I've got a standalone R700 running the GA, and have been having issues with unreliable Bonjour discovery on the 5GHz radio. The network is a pretty simple topology, all under the same subnet, with two wired Time Capsules and 3 Apple TV's on the wireless segment.

The problem is after a few hours, associated 5GHz clients can no longer see the Apple TV's in the Airplay list, and Time Machine backups also fail on desktops due to the Time Capsule's Bonjour service no longer being discoverable.

If I take a packet dump on the machine originating the query, I see a multicast DNS query go out, looking like:
jdrmbp.mdns > [udp sum ok] 0 PTR (QU)? _ssh._tcp.local. (33)
08:39:22.641080 IP6 (flowlabel 0xaa868, hlim 255, next-header UDP (17) payload length: 41) jdrmbp.local.mdns > ff02::fb.mdns: [udp sum ok] 0 PTR (QU)? _ssh._tcp.local. (33)

But no response. And if I tcpdump on the wired segment of the network, I simply see nothing. It's as if the R700 itself is discarding the multicast query.

If I lock all clients to a 2.4GHz wlan, then wired and wireless Bonjour discovery works. I've gone through several suggestions from support (case 00189250), but none of them are helping, including:

- Setting directed-thr to 0 for all wlans
- Setting qos directed multicast disable for all wlans
- Playing with encryption settings (using WPA+WPA2 mixed instead of WPA2 AES)

As another data point, I set up a Zoneflex 7982 with the exact same configuration (the first two items on this list, I left encryption as WPA2-AES) and Bonjour works perfectly fine even after 48 hours, even on 5GHz.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

New Contributor III
Hi John,
This issue is being worked by engineering team. To follow up, please open support ticket and mention ER-1711 to the support engineer.

Valued Contributor II
Awesome! Thank you very much 🙂

Esteemed Contributor II
Please do open a ticket with Tech Support so we can analyze your entire network
and review your AP support info files when there are non-working client services.
I'm not aware that we have seen any AppleTV issues on standalone APs, when using the same VLAN, for wired or wireless clients, not being able to see wired or
wireless AppleTVs.

I can say that ER-1711 was for AirPrinter problems seen on ZD managed APs, not standalone. We have an R700 update with 5G radio enhancements, which does
also have the updated AirPrint bonjour bridge service-types needed to fix this
AirPrinter bug on 9.8.0 ZD managed APs, but I'm not sure about standalone mode.

New Contributor
Hi Team,

Has this issue been resolved? I am sitting with a similar issue on a Zoneflex R700 series.