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R700 and ZF7982 sudden reboots

New Contributor II
I have 1 x ZF7982 and 2 x R700 APs all in standalone mode in 3 different locations.  They are all running version and each of them will (seemingly) randomly reboot.  This occurs as often as 5 times in a day.  It occurs more often when there are many devices connected, or maybe I just notice it more then.

Currently, the log files are only saved in memory, so I don't get to see what caused the kernel panic/reboot.  But, when all devices get disconnected I'll wait a minute and connect to the admin.  Sure enough, the AP uptime and logs indicate that the device was just rebooted.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Valued Contributor II

indeed its a gap in the channelfly specific to your situation. make sense to me.