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R700 alarming packets loss when Apple clients are connected to AP in 5G

New Contributor II
Hi, with my standalone R700 APs i'm able to always reproduce an alarming packet loss (10-15% with no other interference source) when Apple device are connected in 5G, tested with 9.8.2 and 100.1 firmware and iPhone6, iPad2, iPad Mini, Late 2012 MacMini.

My network usage is only a multicast video streaming server using (40% average AP airtime).

the step to reproduce are simple : 

connect 1 Windows Surface : i got 0,1% packet loss
connect 1 Androïd Surface : i got 0,1% packet loss
connect 1 Apple device : i got >10% packet loss on all connected device including Apple
disconnect Apple device : everything goes back to 0,1% normal

i suspect a broken compatibility mode gets enabled when Apple Device are present, or somehow Apple device are jamming signal ?! i'have monitored traffic with wireshark and i only see regular traffic (video packets) 

i'm not able to reproduce this bug on a 7982 AP

Please Help !

this is my config from factory defaults
set countrycode FR
set cwmode wlan8 0
set txpower wlan8 max set directed-thr wlan8 0 set qos wlan8 directed multicast disable set qos eth0 directed multicast disable set qos eth1 directed multicast disable set ofdm-only wlan8 enable set 802.11-h wlan8 disable set indoorblock wlan8 disable set bss-minrate wlan8 24000 set ntp server set txbf wlan8 disable set roam_enable wlan8 disable set ci wlan8 enable