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R610 did not renew DHCP Client lease for himself

New Contributor



i noticed at one of our locations at the DHCP Server are only some lease of my R610 AP´s. As i attached a new one the Controller Provided i.e. to the new AP but an Existing AP has this IP at the Smartzone and is online son during the Firmwareupdate the older AP is listed as offline.

So i rebooted him and the AP got the .205 which is also in use by another one which then becomes offline.

When i connect to an old AP and look for IP i got:
rkscli: get ipaddr wan
IP Address: (dynamic, vlan 1), IP: Netmask Gateway

But this address is not listed at our DHCP Server as lease. The APs are in an wen management VLAN where only the AP management is inside so only they use the DHCP Server.

As the DHCP Server is running on the switch and not on the gateway it will not notice if there is another device uses this IP already.

So for me it looks like the APs keep the IP but did not renew their the lease, which causes the issues any idea how to fix this?