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R600 suddenly cannot ping or connect to ZoneDirector

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We have an R600 AP that suddenly could not discover the ZoneDirector.

Doing a diagnostic Ping in the AP's Web GUI shows that it cannot ping the ZoneDirector or the other APs.

However, replacing this with a different AP does not show this problem of not discovering the ZoneDirector.

We have reset the R600 to no avail.

Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated!


Hello @eizens_putnins 

Just to clarify, this AP was working fine up until last week when it suddenly showed disconnected status on ZD.  We swapped in a different AP and this was able to ping and discover the ZD just fine.

We are able to access the Web GUI because we attached a laptop to the second ethernet port on the AP.  It is in standalone mode because it could not discover the ZD.

We'll do more tests.

Community Admin
Community Admin


Factory reset the AP, configure a manual IP address (same as ZD IP subnet) using GUI or CLI and plug the AP directly to the ZD's second or free port (you will need POE injector or power adapter to power up the AP). If AP comes up on ZD, this will rule out any network issue between ZD to AP.

Also make sure to check if management VLAN is tagged on ZD or not, if tagged, make sure you tag the VLAN when configure manual IP address.

Syamantak Omer

RUCKUS Networks, CommScope!

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Hello @syamantak_omer 

Thank you for that suggestion.  That did the trick!

After connecting the AP directly to the ZD's second port, it was able to discover the ZD and get the configuration. When it was plugged back to the VLAN network for APs, it connected to the ZD right away.

This has been a strange issue but I'm glad this was resolved.  A big Thank You!

Glad to know issue got fixed.

Syamantak Omer

RUCKUS Networks, CommScope!

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Interesting that it worked. I would not expect it to work, as second port on ZD is not actually much of separate port. Possibbly you use tagged management VLAN, and provide DHCP from ZD? Anyway as issue is resolved, you can forget it (until next time)...