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R600 suddenly cannot ping or connect to ZoneDirector

New Contributor III


We have an R600 AP that suddenly could not discover the ZoneDirector.

Doing a diagnostic Ping in the AP's Web GUI shows that it cannot ping the ZoneDirector or the other APs.

However, replacing this with a different AP does not show this problem of not discovering the ZoneDirector.

We have reset the R600 to no avail.

Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated!


Valued Contributor II

As you can connect to Web GUI of AP, it has not yet adopted by ZD, but network connectivity must be  fine. But you can't ping other APs or Zd from it? Sounds weird. 

Are they all on same VLAN? What is firmware version of ZD and AP  -- is R600 supported by ZD firmware and is the firmware on AP suitable for connection? 

New Contributor III

Sunstar# I am recommending first check the  status of  LED on your AP if working fine.please reboot your Zonedirector so see if it will add or you will be able to ping or access it.

2 years ago I had same problems after reboot finally  ZD1200 , so the problem was ZD and we replace. reboot and check LED status and Beep from ZD

Hello Sebastiao Paulo,

The AP network LED status are okay and we already tried rebooting the ZD with the same result, unfortunately.

But thanks for the suggestion.

Valued Contributor II

What are firmware versions of ZD and R600?

Are they on same VLAN?

Do you use VLAN1 (untagged) as management VLAN on ZD?

If you have WEB access to AP, it must be in standalone mode, what is the status of management services on it? Please, publish screenshot. You need to enable them to connect to  ZD. Also firmware of ZD must support R600.

It is weird that you can't ping other APs or ZD from R600, if  you can connect to is through WEB -- what AP is R600 getting, is it on correct VLAN? I don't see how it is possible that you have access to AP, but can't ping other APs, if they are on same VLAN and subnet. If they are on different subnets, than you may have incorrect default gateway on AP.

Hope ti helps.