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R600 Factory Reset Button

New Contributor III
Trying to reset an R600 with the reset button and not having luck. With previous APs holding the reset button in for a period of time reset the AP. Is the R600 different?

Esteemed Contributor II
If you can ping the AP, try SSH to it and issue 'set factory' followed by 'reboot'.

John D is correct. If you're trying to restore to factory settings, you will have to disconnect the AP from your Router/network in order to re-connect to the AP.

New Contributor
I have the same problem (have 5 r600's), I can reset the password but I can't get it to reset so I can make it a master or try and reconnect to the master (failed to connect to the existing master). Not sure what to do next.

New Contributor
Okay worked out what I was doing wrong, need to update/refresh firmware to get back to fresh install. This allowed me to update to latest firmware thinking that may solve my initial problem. Still have the original problem which is the new AP is not working with the existing master - going to disconnected. Can't approve either...

New Contributor
This turned out to be intrusion detection and prevention, Protect the network from malicious rogue access points was putting the new AP into disconnected.