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R600 EOS issues and R610

New Contributor
Hi there, I am an Project Engineer from Hong Kong and has been working on a commercial buiilding project since start of 2017. We are going to deploy about 400 nos of R600 APs throughout the building and things has been going on smoothly. However, about 2 months ago I have heard that R600 is going to be EOS in coming March of 2019. I understand that R610 shall become the replacement model, which is OK for me. However, I am just wondering if it will also soon suddenly be EOS as well. In histroy, R600 was released in late 2014 and hence it only lasts for about 4 years. Would R610 (which was released in late 2016) will be discontinued as well in the coming 2 years as well? Thanks for your time. Alfred