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R510 Access Point Forgot Password

New Contributor

Hello I forgot my password to access my access points. I know I need to do a factory reset but I have 5 access points do I need to reset each one? 


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @Danr831 

You can follow the below steps:
1. Turn off all the APs.
2. Factory reset the Master.
3. Assign the same IP address again to Master and complete the necessary configuration.
4. Once done, turn on one of the Member, It should join the Master and take the new config.
5. If yes, you can turn on the remaining 3 member APs.

If I remove all but 1 will it by default become the master? Is there a way to do it with Putty? I was thinking of using a POE injector and than connect my PC to the data port on the injector.

Hi @Danr831 
If you do not have a "Preferred Master" set on the GUI, then the AP with the highest uptime will become Master.
If you just have 1 AP running and rest of them turned off, yes that will become as Master.