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R500 & R600 with external antenna options.

Valued Contributor
For HD and some other verticals one absolutely needs the option of connecting external directional antennas to an AP, so R500 and/or R600 would need to have an option for that.

There are such options for outdoor APs, but an indoor option should also be made available, like it was with the 7372-E model.

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Primoz, this would be posted as an Idea on the Forums, but better yet would be to discuss with your Ruckus SE or Account team who can submit a Field Request with your business case, to our Product Marketing managers for consideration.

Valued Contributor
I think I have posted is an idea, but maybe I made a mistake.

Just wanted to see if anyone has any thoughts on this too.

Ok, I Like your idea!