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R300 wrong firmware

New Contributor II
Hi there,

I have a r300. I wanted to use the AP as an standalone.
But I used the wrong firmware model.
Now the AP is rebooting and all the leds are on.

I have tried to reset the ap. But it didn't work.
Also I can't connect with the web interface of putty.

Is there a way to reset the ap?

Thanks in advance

New Contributor II
Hello Amit.

Please try the below troubleshooting.

1. Take a paperclip or a pen and push the reset pin for 6 to 10 sec. May be a little longer for 12 seconds. You will see the lights blinking and coming back online.

2. Now ping the AP using a laptop hard wired into the ap directly. Make sure that you are in the same subnet.

3. If it responds back then we are good to go. If not you can contact ruckus support for further processing. May be the unit had gone faulty.


Esteemed Contributor II
Expanding on Ahamed's advice.  Pre-configure your PC's Eth interface with,, def-gw.

When you factory default the AP by the physical reset button, all code versions will revert to a IP address. 

If you connect your PC directly, you should be able to login by browser, with uid = super, pw = sp-admin.

From there, depending on which code you have installed, you can install new firmware (maintenance/upgrade/local method,
or Unleashed (Show AP Info).

The Solo ( firmware for R300 is in this .zip file: 

Let us know if you have any other questions.

New Contributor II
Thanks guy's. I'm going to try it tomorrow and let you know is it works. I hope so.

New Contributor II
Hi guy's,

I did reset the AP and connect directly to my desktop.
It didn't work. 😞

after the power led is on then all led's are on for 10 seconds. after that the powerled goes on for 2 seconds then all leds are on for 10 seconds. After that it reboots again. 

I don't know if Ruckus support will help me because the AP is secondhand. I have bought it something like Ebay.

I will send Ruckus support an e-mail.