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R300 - How to setup for home use

New Contributor II
I have zero experience with Ruckus products. I have a couple of second-hand R300's that I inherited and I would like to know if they can be used without paying for a license or controller software.

I did not want to take a chance on bricking them so I haven't attempted any firmware updates or configuration edits.

I'm in the process of updating my network to include VLANs. I want to put the R300's on their own VLAN. What FW should I use?

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Get to know your AP.

Start with a PoE switch and only your 1st AP and your laptop connected.
Set your PC to (anything but .1).
Find the factory reset hole by the Eth port of your AP, and press it for 5-8 seconds, or until the LEDs go out and come back on.
(you might need a paperclip or toothpick)

Give the AP 2 minutes to fully boot up, then open a browser to  Login with super/sp-admin credentials.

Determine what firmware is running on your R300 now? (write it down)

Put your laptop back on a network with Internet connectivity and reset your IP to DHCP.

Download the latest Solo AP firmware for R300 from our Support site:

Save it to your laptop, where you can find it again.
Go back to your PoE switch, set your IP to 192.168.0.x and use Maintenance::Upgrade page of AP to install/upgrade your firmware to latest release.
Repeat with AP #2.
You can upgrade from any previous Solo AP version to our latest

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Jeff,

These AP's are end of life and have limited software options.

You can only use these as standalone using AP standalone firmware version latest version 104.x

These AP's do no support our "controller less" Unleashed software, so you have to manually configure each AP and for seemless roaming make sure the WLAN/SSID's are identical on each.

Even if used with a Ruckus Controller these AP's do not support MESH (wireless interconnection between AP's) so each needs to be wired to a Network Switch - and perferably with Gateway features.

As the AP's are second hand they do not have any warranty from Ruckus as Ruckus Limited Lifetime Warranty is only for original purchaser.

I hope this answers your questions and you find the Ruckus R300's useful.



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Current FW:

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Each one will be hard-wired to a switch.

So, for seamless roaming, all that is necessary is to make sure the WLAN/SSID's are identical on each?