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R300 - How to setup for home use

New Contributor II
I have zero experience with Ruckus products. I have a couple of second-hand R300's that I inherited and I would like to know if they can be used without paying for a license or controller software.

I did not want to take a chance on bricking them so I haven't attempted any firmware updates or configuration edits.

I'm in the process of updating my network to include VLANs. I want to put the R300's on their own VLAN. What FW should I use?

Internal Employee
Hi Allyson,

Hopefully your ATT router has DHCP server turned on which would give your AP's and Clients valid IP's for the router LAN interface.

You can verify this by plugging a PC into the ATT router and see if it gets a valid (private) IP - for windows you can check the IP from command prompt by running ipconfig command.

The AP's when plugged into the router also should get a valid IP in this range.  The problem is determining what IP they get.  Usually you can access the Router and check the lease table to see what IP was given to each device MAC address (found on the bottom of the AP).

While you could try to upgrade and configure the AP's after a factory default using the default IP of it would be best to determine the IP assigned to the AP via your router so you can continue to access, configure and monitor them.  You could set a static IP in the IP range used by your router.

If the WEB-UI is not working after factory default (it should) - you can try by accessing the AP via CLI/SSH and run the command - set https enable - this turns on the secure WEB-UI/GUI interface which is turned off if the AP is or was under control by a Ruckus controller.

I hope this helps.

New Contributor III
Yes. Makes sense 🙂
I will try this out later- thanks! 

New Contributor II
Boy, that was easy-peasy. I upgraded both units and have them up and running!

I noticed the date is correct but the time in the logs is not EST. I'm guessing there is no way to change the time zone? I switched from the Ruckus NTP server to my router and it changed by one hour (not sure why) so the timestamps in the Ruckus AP logs are now four hours ahead.