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Question about the power consumption specs of the R710.

New Contributor III

A simple question.
The R710 spec sheet says that peak transmit power of 5ghz is 28dbm, and the TX power target is also 22dbm.
In 4x4 AP, the MIMO gain is 6dbm, so that's correct.

But the problem is the description given in the Power spec.
It is stated that the 5ghz band operates at 20dbm in 802.3at and VDC. If this is true then the peak transmit power should be specified as 26dbm .

What is right? 28dbm or 26dbm?



RUCKUS Team Member

The "Power" section of the specification sheet details the AP power consumption draw test when operated at the specified operating characteristics.

If we are looking for peak Tx power, it is 28 dBm.