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Possible to upgrade 7962 firmware from easily?

New Contributor
I bought this 7962 many years ago and it never made it out of the test lab because of poor 5g performance, (stopping further Ruckus 5g deployments in the process).

I notice that there have been quite a few firmware updates in the meantime, but I do not have a load firmware from file option and the remote load options don't work though it does recognise a newer firmware is available.

Thanks in anticipation, it would be nice to get 5g working properly on an AP that cost $1200.

Valued Contributor II

Please refer to below post as a starting point and that should take you ahead.

credentials remains the same except model number. Please change it to 7962 whereever you see a different one.

note: you can upgrade/downgrade standalone firmware from any version to any version

New Contributor
Many thanks for the rapid response and easy to follow advice in the link.

Running happily on 9.7 firmware now ,fingers crossed the 5g behaves itself henceforth.

@David, if it doesn't it's most likely a hardware failure. Your 7962 likely falls under our limited lifetime warranty so just contact us if you need a replacement.