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Picking the right Ruckus ZoneFlex Access Points to go with my new ZD1200

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HI there. Have had a lot of help here with my new network plans (thanks Diego!). Now down to selection of right Ruckus Access Points.  These won't be wall or ceiling mounted, but will sit hidden away where convenient (under desks, on sideboards etc) as my office and my wife's office is also our home!  There is no possibility of rewiring.  I like the idea of an AP with at least one extra Ethernet output (prefer PoE Ethernet out if possible).  

I need two of my internal APs to reach as far as possible outside of the house to connect with external IP cams.  One of these APs will be on a surface near a window and one on a surface in an outbuilding.  Right now I have Amped APs (each with three 25-30cm external antennae) that are able do the job.  I will buy external APs (and use inside the house) which accommodate external antennae if this is the only way to get a ZoneFlex with enough range, but it may be that a decent Zoneflex like a 710 will get me there anyway without an antenna. 

Apart from these two longer range APs, the others (probably 5 or so) can be lower budget, but decent (H510/R510?).  I will spend a lot more on my long range solution if necessary.

I prefer not to use have APs outside the house as I don't need these right now, but I will only if I absolutely have to, and then MESH with these.  It's a lot of work to wire these up outside and so I really hope to avoid this.

Finally, I found a compatibility spreadsheet showing ZD versus AP (including firmware version) online previously.  I can't re-find this.  Can someone send me a link?

Thanks in advance!!


Community Admin
Community Admin
Hi Peter,

Just to acknowledge, this is already answered in another forum thread, please continue on below thread regarding this query.
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Syamantak Omer
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