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Peer-to-peer Airplay suddenly a lot worse?

New Contributor III
In our large school, we always use peer-to-peer Airplay to mirror the screen of iPads to an Apple TV. The iPads and Apple TV's are on the same SSID, but all in different VLAN's. The P2P discovery over bluetooth works perfect and the screen mirroring has always been good ... untill recently. Airplay mirroring to Apple TV's of the 3rd generation has become much worse (stuttering video and audio) since the last couple of weeks. In that periode, we did two changes: the clients were updated to iOS/iPadOS 13.2.x and the Zonedirector and AP's were updated from 10.0.2.x to We don't know if those software updates caused peer-to-peer Airplay to be much worse. On the Apple TV's of the 4th generation, peer-to-peer Airplay is smooth like it was before.
If anyone has the same experience or knows if this has something to do with a bug in iOS 13 or a setting in the latest ZD firmware, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Michael, I also thought about that interesting experiment. I have a backup of the configuration, from right before the upgrade. The reason why I didn’t do it yet, is that I don’t have experience with downgrades of a ZoneDirector. If you upload an older firmware version, isn’t there a possibility that you loose all the settings and that you have to upload your (older) config again (making the ZD unreachable for a while)? Or can I just restore the older backup config, and that’s it?
I’m definitely willing to give this a try, if all the steps are clear.

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Pieter,
    The ZD upgrade process will strongly suggest that you save a backup file before proceeding, and if you did, rolling back ('upgrade' to an earlier version) that you just came from, *should* have your backup in memory, and use it to restore IP, logins, WLANs, etc. on the earlier version again.

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Hi Pieter 

       I suggest that you rollback to  10.0.2.x  firmware since the newest ZD firmware 10.3.x might have Wifi speed issues with iOS devices while using encryption on downloads. Apparently,  the newest unleashed firmware 200.7.x  has this speed issue on downloads with iOS devices.

Contributor III
We rolled back our vSZ firmware to 5.1.0 ... no issues since this was done.

New Contributor III
I *just* downgraded the ZD 1200 from to build 270: everything went perfectly fine. It took some time for the AP's to come up, but even the five new AP's that were joined after the upgrade (and were not present at the time I made the last backup before upgrading) all connected without issues. That's part one, so far so good. Tomorrow morning, we'll test the Airplay issues (cross-VLAN, P2P, ...).