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Passthrough on LAN2 port for R710 ?

New Contributor
I am trying to use LAN2 to supply wired access to a another device i.e a switch or workstation/printer

This is possible with other brand APs, does it not work with ruckus?

In a few scenerios you can do something like

Main Bldg Mesh AP-----------------Remote Bldg Mesh AP->Switch (or device)

Only time I was able to get link out of LAN2 port was while it was booting, i've tried a straight cable as well as a crossover cable

New Contributor III
Configure LAN2 with Access VLAN or Trunk

New Contributor II
Did you ever get this to work? I have tried all settings for LAN 2 and cannot get a link. Running

Valued Contributor II
Definitely works on my R710 without any settings changes. Possibly a dumb question: Do you have a PoE+ switch and is the AP recognizing it as such (e.g. get power-mode says 802.3AT)?

Without AT mode, the 2nd LAN port is disabled.

New Contributor II
That makes sense, thanks for the reply! It would have taken me awhile to think of that. I will try it with a poe+ switch.