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Passthrough Solutions for Down APs

New Contributor II
I tested some APs to know the functionality of the PT port i.e 7055 & 7025; & I learnt how it works. Although i was wondering if the Pass-through port could be used as a solution for a down AP.

Thing is: In my network, the previous config was:
PoE Switch---->LAN Faceplate in Room ---> Access Point.

Now with Network Revamping going on, we have:
PoE Switch---->Access Point------> LAN FacePlate in room.

The Point of Failure in this is: if the AP is down, The LAN wouldn't be able to work. How can i use the Pass through to work around this constraint. Any Scenario would is welcome.

New Contributor II
The LAN is important as in this case of a down AP;as One can connect a Router to the LAN to provide temporary wireless solution while AP is troubleshooted.