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P300 User Login Accounts

New Contributor
Are there any plans to allow additional user logins to P300s? It's currently limited to 1 super user account?

Esteemed Contributor II
The P300 is purpose designed for Point to Multi-Point bridging on it's single 5MHz radios.
They are configured for > 1KM distance minimums, that relates to ACK timing, and would not work well for local clients.
An AP at either/both location(s) is necessary to support wireless clients. 

More than one admin can SSH/WebUI to manage a P300 with the single Admin login though.

New Contributor
Thanks, Michael but I am talking about the login account for managing the device. It currently only allows for one. Default is super and sp-admin just the same as the other Ruckus devices. I have changed the default user name and password for the customer but I would like to add another user account for our NOC to be able to manage the device.