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P2P 7731 good signal, good speed flex, terrible speed tests

New Contributor
I have a P2P bridge setup with two 7731s. Everything has been working well for some time but just recently we have had issues with IP phones crackling and dropping over the connection. I did a channel optimizer and the signal shows stronger than previous and is on a different channel. The ruckus speed test shows about 60/60 with 0 packet loss. When I run a speed test from the remote site I only get about 20/20. On the primary site I am getting 90/90. Is there that much overhead that would cause me to drop that much?

Esteemed Contributor II
The 7731s are merely a wireless bridge, like a transparent wire in the air.  Analyze the client connection to the APs on either side of the 7731s.  You may be experiencing interference at the AP or the phones.

Valued Contributor II
It would also help to do a wired speed test from the remote end of the 7731 P2P bridge via a laptop.

Because there isn't really much / any buffering action going on the P2P bridge, you will find that your internet speed can be worse than the bridge's maximum speed, depending on how your ISP's cap is implemented (e.g. is it throttling or a medium limit?). You're traveling through two bandwidth-limited links (the 7731 P2P bridge and then your internet connection)

Also, throughput testing might not be the right mechanism. VOIP is latency sensitive too, so it might be worth testing both the latency across the bridge and also the latency end-to-end to see if that's a contributing factor.