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Outdoor Mesh Throughput and Hops

New Contributor II
Hi guys, it ́s a good to be here again,
i would like to know how the throughput is calculated by hop in a mesh network, for example let ́s imagine that we have:

Example 1:
root ap (t300) ------link------map(t300) -----link------map(t300)-----link----map(t300)----link---laptop

Question 1
In a best practice design guide from ruckus i read that the throughput is approximately
1/N where N is the hop this real??? for the first link root----map what is the throughput???

Question 2
In other topics about Mesh in this forum i read that it lose 50% by hop.

which one is real??? (question 1 or 2)

Question 3
The throughput for the wireless devices (laptop) in the example 1 is share between all the devices connected to it???

Question 4
Is there any way to measure the speed about how an ap process a packet from user device to wired network?? some clients usually say that they connections is slow and the guilty is the ap.

Thanks guys for your help!!!