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Out of date wireless!

New Contributor
Hi, one of ours customers has a pretty old Ruckus wireless setup using a ZD1125 Controller running firmware version build 53, along with ZF7363 Access Points.. My question is, if we update the controller to the new firmware version, will the access points still be supported and still work as they should? Many thanks!

Valued Contributor
Hi David,

ZF7363 is a legacy 802.11n platform and support for them in the ZoneDirector firmware code will have stopped quite some time ago.

Similarly the ZD1100 platform is also legacy and end-of-life and firmware support has stopped.

You can find release notes detailing the final supported versions for both platforms on the Ruckus Support site:

At a glance, it looks like the final version of code supporting ZD1100 is And final version supporting ZF7363 is

I would recommend a complete network refresh, potentially with a Ruckus Cloud or Unleashed controller platform and R550 access points.

I hope the above helps,