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Old Ruckus PKI Signed

I just upgraded to build 232 so I could install R510 access points. I am also installing R710 AP as upgrades. I noticed the R710 / R510 have a certificate status of New Ruckus PKI Signed but the R700 I have show Old Ruckus PKI Signed. Is there something I need to do to upgrade PKI?

New Contributor III

I'm just a retired linux/networking hacker messing around.

Just learning this beautiful system. Don't want to be a supported customer.

Is there an expiration date coming up when the Old Certs are going to expire and cause

problems. If so When?

Piet Delaney

New Contributor III

I'm just a retired LinuxKernel Engineer messing around.

Not a supported customer.

Know what the consequences are of these old KEYS?

Is bad stuff going to happen some day in the future like

the browser problems I'm getting with old Ruckus certificates.

Are these OLD R700s going to turn to bricks before my NEWer R700s?

Piet Delaney