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Odd problem with SurfacePro

New Contributor II
We have a campus wide, 90 AP wireless system with a ZoneDirector 3025 and ZoneFlex 7982, 7363 and 7372 access points. One student is unable to stay connected to the wireless, though at home he has no problem. I could see him connected to the AP, but when I click on his IP there is no traffic showing on the graph while he was navigating around the web. Occasionally his connection will just drop. One time the graph started to show traffic but then disappeared. There were three SurfacePros in the ZD, none showed the traffic graph. Is there an issue between these devices and the Ruckus?

New Contributor
Hello, This is the student Sandi is talking about, with an update.  We tried reinstalling the WiFi adapter as well as downloading and installing the most current driver. These did not work. I still have intermitted connectivity at school. Everything seems to work fine at home.

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I think i would ignore about NOT able to see SurfacePro on the graph as it may be a minor issue or a differnet one than it NOT working on the CAMPUS WLAN.

Could you please update the post with following:

version of software on the controller(check dashboard) ?
can you try creating a WLAN with no security and then try connecting the SurfacePro on it and see if it connects ok and stands connected for good time. If it does then chk the graph too...?

if it fails even on OPEN WLAN then pull a AP support file of the AP to which
SurfacePro was connected. this file has to be pulled right after issue was noticed and for that AP only... this shall gives some lead...

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The graph is more a symptom for the problem of keeping the connection alive than a problem to be solved.

The software version is build 30. I already tried connecting him to our Guest network but it did not change anything. The Guest network is open, configured as a Ruckus Guest Access WLAN. We can pull a support file from an AP to which he connects.


New Contributor II
We had some issues here with the Surface 3 pro with our AC APs and after some digging there is a June wireless driver update that was applied to them that was causing the problem. Removed and uninstalled that driver then found the older driver online to install. After that had to hide the driver update in windows update so that it wouldn't reinstall.