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New System Recommendations - Campground

New Contributor II
We are a campground in the foothills of California on 18 acres. I’ve been told from other campground owners with similar layouts/size that the Zone Director and T300’s make a rock solid system. I’m sold on the Zone Director but questioning the T300’s. There appears to be T300’s, T301, and T310 I think. Some with internal or external antenna options. Can anyone give me an idea for which option I should choose? If we make the wrong choice on an internal or external antenna then can that be altered without buying a whole new product? Are the antennas just accessory that I can swap?

I believe there are some form of signal booster antennas available for them. Any idea what specific ones for those products?

So far I HATE the buying experience of Rukus products. It appears they promote themselves as easy/smart enough software to do it yourself yet seem to force resellers on you that just want to push expensive systems without explanation. I just want to buy the products that were recommended by other parks and build it myself. This will be our 3rd public wifi system but all were built by other vendors and none have worked so lets hope Ruckus is as good as I’ve heard 🙂

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Have you got a map of your (google map ref) site as that would help to see what would be needed.  Our site is a private school with lots of outside space and we cover the outside areas with t300's. Typically each sports field is covered by one T300 mounted 7.5m high in one corner of the field.
Internally we use r500's and everything is controlled by a zd3000.

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ruckus is indeed to easy to implement however what need to be installed and where/why is where the game changes, pros/cons. if you could understand all this.. then you could also design. what complicates the process is just that there are too many variables and factors which need to be looked into makes this thing very challenging even for seasoned VAR. lets look at some of the questions you raised...

controller is needed for managing and controlling AP from single interface. If your network is under 25 AP's then you can consider Unleashed solution from Ruckus

T300 is Omnidirectional 802.11 ac wave 1 AP

T301s is sector antenna 802.11 ac wave 1 AP. this radiate signal in 120* angle and has better range bcos it radiating signal in one specific direction

T301n is narrow antenna 802.11 ac wave 1 AP. this radiate signal in 30 degree angle and has better range than T301s bcos it radiating signal in one specific direction

T310 is wave 2 variant of above of models..
as paul suggested.. map of the location would help..

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4655 Rock Barn Rd
Shingle Springs, CA 95682

Here is a quick screenshot from my phone. Blue scribbles were our current main is for our wifi system through checkbox systems. Its on a pole on the top of our main office where the controller box is. Yellow dots are repeaters. Image_ images_messages_5f91c444135b77e2479f667c_e71ec335d7a20681b0a73055b5775697_RackMultipart2018070313574koex-9f4f2c63-ede1-4f0e-bb77-1973034ad94f-213333814.jpeg1530636605