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Amazon Purchase

New Contributor II
We are looking to buy a Zone Director 1200 and some outdoor AP’s for our campground. Is it ok to buy them from Amazon or do you need to go direct through the official rep channels? Obviously there is a few people listed on Amazon for these products so their companies could be official reps but not sure. Advise? Thanks!

New Contributor III
I did reply on your other message to your questions.  Our main site had everything purchased from an official reseller. zd3000, 192 AP's roughly in total. With what I have learnt from that experience I have built a number of other networks using ruckus equipment purchased outside of the official channels.  On the likes of ebay there are sometimes some very good prices if you are on a tight budget. It is worth getting a controller covered by ruckus support though.  I once got a zd3000 with 500ap license for under the equivalant of $1000 which is only a few percent of the retail cost.

Valued Contributor II
well warranty is only available to first buyer as per their documents..

New Contributor II
I tell you, I’ve never seen a company with a worse buying experience. Its ashamed because it appears once you’re in the door you’re good to go. But we’ve now called Ruckus multiple times direct trying to ask simple questions and a place for sure safe to buy direct from. It takes them a day, two, or several to call back just to tell you about the same reseller that you already said you don’t want to call. Resellers just want to sell you a massive system without crystal clear explanation. I don’t believe we need this AT ALL. Ruckus’s loyalty to resellers destroys their relationships with potential customers which is sad! I just want to know how far these ap’s reach (how far the signals travel at acceptable strength) and then order the director and several omni’s. But its impossible on their non existent sales/support schedule!

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi John and Paul, 

   Ruckus ONLY sells our products thru Value Added Resellers or direct distributors, and we do NOT
sell on eBay or Amazon (unless they advertise to be official Ruckus Reps, like some here), and you 
cannot get the associated Support (Partner or Ruckus direct) except through our official channels.
Beware of any other sources, if they cannot provide Support contracts with the equipment purchases.

   I'm not in Sales, but I can surely appreciate the question "Whom do I contact for Ruckus products"
in my area...?  I'll see what my inside contacts might have.  It shouldn't take days for someone to call
you back, and not know that you already had been given the same reseller info earlier.

   To explore our typical AP properties, you can view the Specs on the corporate homepage, under the
type of APs you're interested, ie. start here: 
Pick an AP and click Learn More for details.