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Need dead R710

New Contributor

Hey there,

I need a broken R710 to replace my case. Mine is broken. Do you know how/where I can buy a shell or do you have a not working unit yourself?

Do you think a case from a R510 or R310 fits too?

Thank you very much for the help. 

Cheers, Andreas


Valued Contributor II


R710 about 2x  a size of R510, so it is no use for you anyway. Ruckus has almost zero fault rate, and life-time warranty, so I don't think you'll find any faulty R710 AP available -- any faulty AP can be RMAed, so no sense to sell it as faulty... 

So if you have broken AP case the best shot is repair it --  just dismantle it, glue parts together and put all back together.

But how you even managed to break case without breaking AP? It is very well built...