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Need OID for number of clients connected to one AP

New Contributor III
I am using a third party software application which provides a way for SNMP polling to return the number of clients associated with each Autonomous Ruckus AP (Zoneflex indoor 7352's and 7372's).  On the home screen, all the AP's are listed with the number of current connections next to it.  This is accomplished by entering the custom OID in the software's setup for each AP along with the community string. This works fine for the Cisco AP's using the OID of .  So far, I have tried these OID's for the Ruckus AP's:


None of these OID's work for me.  Any suggestions will be appreciated.  I am using SNMP v2c on the Ruckus AP's without the inclusion of a Zone Director, only the third party software running on its router/controller.

Esteemed Contributor II
Extract the MIBs for Solo AP image from this link:

I don't know which OID is AP connected clients however.

In RUCKUS-RADIO-MIB.txt the ruckusRadioStatsNumAuthSta  (number of Authorized, not just Associated Stations), is

Thank you.  I don't see any numerical OID's in this file.  My software is only looking for an OID such as those listed in the OP.

What is the definition of an Authorized Station?