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NO AP will associate to ZD3000

New Contributor II
I have all brand new... Well bought second hand, but open box new gear in front of me. 

Just to be sure, I have F/D'ed everything. 

I have a ZD3000 that will not provision or even recognize any AP. I have never had this type issue before. Run through the Setup Wizard, and get everything going. Connect the AP's directly to ZD, and then stick a dumb layer 2 switch in between... nothing in both setups. This has happened with a 7363, R300, R600, R700... nothing works. I'm just trying to go with one at a time, while I program the ZD, but I am just baffled as to why nothing will show up. I have the ZD setup as the DHCP server, and the AP's get an address from the ZD, and can also be reached at that new address... but nothing shows up in the AP section... not even a request to provision.

I have auto approve on

Have tried both a power supply and a POE injector, just incase one wasn't working right and just showing lights, but not giving the AP's enough power.

I have enabled ZD site bonjor (even though I have never had to before)

What the heck am I missing?

New Contributor III
Hi Zack,

you said that you have bought the devices second hand, what exactly do you mean with that?
Is it possible that the APs already have a configuration, so they won't search the new ZD? Did you try to factory reset an AP and connect it to the ZD after that?

Best regards,

New Contributor II
I bought them off ebay, but they are fairly new.

I have Factory reset everything, twice

Valued Contributor
Hi Zack,

Can you please login to the AP and check which software version is on there ?

An access point for ZD, needs ZD firmware or 100.x.x.x firmware.

if the version is like 1.x.x or 2.x.x or 3.x.x then i suggest you to download the 100.x.x.x firmware from our support site and it can connect to your ZD.

Kind regards

New Contributor II
be sure to have a dhcp service running somewhere ( I had this problem and just set up the dhcp server in the ZD)