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Multiple SSID associated to different VLANs

New Contributor II

Until now my network infrastructure with Ruckus APs and ZD consists of one unique SSID associated to VLAN 1 (default). All APs and ZD belonging to VLAN 1. Now I must create another SSID for a set of netbooks associated to a new VLAN, lets say VLAN 2. I know that I can attach an VLAN tag to my new SSID. That is not my problem. The problem is that we have a layer 3 switch in which traffic coming from VLAN 1 goes via routing to another VLAN, lets say 100 in order to go out to the Internet. My new SSID for netbooks must have access to the Internet too and I wonder if the solution I am thinking of is the correct one.

I have thought of tagging ports for ZD and APs for VLAN 2 (my new one associated to the new SSID) in my layer 2 stuff. Then tag the link ports between L2 switches in the same way (tagged for VLAN 2). In my layer 3 swicht I would create the new vlan 2 with an associated IP, which would be the gateway for the netbooks in VLAN2. Then I would route all trafic coming from VLAN2 to the VLAN 100 which provides access to the Internet router.

Could someone tell me if I am on the right way?

Thank you very much.