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Multiple SSID associated to different VLANs

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Until now my network infrastructure with Ruckus APs and ZD consists of one unique SSID associated to VLAN 1 (default). All APs and ZD belonging to VLAN 1. Now I must create another SSID for a set of netbooks associated to a new VLAN, lets say VLAN 2. I know that I can attach an VLAN tag to my new SSID. That is not my problem. The problem is that we have a layer 3 switch in which traffic coming from VLAN 1 goes via routing to another VLAN, lets say 100 in order to go out to the Internet. My new SSID for netbooks must have access to the Internet too and I wonder if the solution I am thinking of is the correct one.

I have thought of tagging ports for ZD and APs for VLAN 2 (my new one associated to the new SSID) in my layer 2 stuff. Then tag the link ports between L2 switches in the same way (tagged for VLAN 2). In my layer 3 swicht I would create the new vlan 2 with an associated IP, which would be the gateway for the netbooks in VLAN2. Then I would route all trafic coming from VLAN2 to the VLAN 100 which provides access to the Internet router.

Could someone tell me if I am on the right way?

Thank you very much.

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Hi Eva,

Hope you are doing fine!!

I have gone through your post and understood that you would like to set a WLAN for "Netbook users" with appropriate VLAN (in your case VLAN2)so that they could obtain IPs from desired subnet.

As per your network topology ,You have Layer 3 switch where interVLAN routing is enabled between VLAN 1 (ZD and APs are functional on VLAN1))and VLAN 100(for internet)which is fine now in-order for clients to get IP from VLAN 2 you need to tagg the AP -switch port(port where AP is connected) with VLAN2 ,With respect to ZD config,you are also required to tag the appropriate VLAN by referring to,
ZD GUI>>Configuration>>Edit WLAN>>Advanced options>>Access VLAN>>set to 2 also ensuring that VLAN-2 IP subnet is configured & intervlan routing is enabled between VLAN100 and VLAN2.

Hope the information provided helps!

Do let us know the status of the query.

Good Luck:)

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Hi Dheeraj,

Your answer has been very helpful. Glad I was in the right way .

Thank you very much.

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Hi eve,

It's great to hear that steps worked well.

You could reply me here if you have any further query.I would love to help you with your queries.

Happy holidays:)


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Can you help me with this scenario a bit further. I too manage a very large school with 7 blocks and over 1500 ipads, what im trying to do is break the school down to blocks to stop excessive broadcasts of bonjour services so we can actually use airplay correctly, at present i have two vlans one the native vlan1 (10.64.x.x ip range) and another vlan100 (192.168.x.x ip range) for student wifi, with the ruckus controller setup as a bonjour gateway. All is working fine apart from the airplay which is very sparodic at the best of time on the staff wifi and on the student in actually drops the airplay icon off the ipads.

Ive put this down to excessive broadcast / traffic as since i removed air server off 95% of the teacher pc's and only left it on 5 everything is stable.

Ive been testing block vlans but cant connect to the access point of the switch the test vlan is on, or see the air sever broadcast fro ma device on the test vlan.

Any help much appreciated.