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Multiple PoE Ports for HA

New Contributor
We would like to have failover power to our R500 AP's (ideally provided through a second PoE port as currently the second port is non-PoE) that would be cabled to another comm's room/another PoE switch that in the event of a major outage at comms room 1 that the AP could seemlessly failover (Active-Active Controllers).

I assume this could be achievable through using a power adaptor with a network cable plugged into the second port the problem being this would require electrical sockets at each AP location but we would rather use redundant PoE. Any suggestions?

So I've had similar questions in the past, never did anything about it but I found these devices:

I'm sure there's others.

If you move forward let me know how it works out for you.

New Contributor
Thanks Todd, I have used something similar in the past with Avaya 1603 phones.
We have ended up chanigng the AP design so that we only have 1 cable to each with half of the AP's go to one comm's room and half to another. By carefully selecting which ones go to where we can utilise auto power adjustment and beamflex we think/hope we can get the coverage during the loss of power to one comms room which we hope to put to the test if possible.