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Multicast traffic originating on one AP does not reliably reach a client on another AP, on the same WLAN.

New Contributor III
Multicast traffic originating on one AP does not reliably reach a client on another AP, on the same WLAN. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. We have IGMP Snooping enabled on all of our Cisco SG300 switches and have ran "qos igmp-query v2 enable" on our ZoneDirector's "System Default" AP Group.

I'm not too sure what exactly I need to change to fix this issue, but it seems to me that the AP is not always forwarding multicast traffic to the switch it's attached to.

Valued Contributor II
Hi Matty - what version of ZoneFlex are you running?

New Contributor III
Hi Keith

We're on build 13 using ZD1112 and 11x ZF7363's.



Valued Contributor II
No known issues that I'm aware of. Probably best to open a support case, but here's a few more questions that they will likely ask as well:

1) What kind of multicast traffic?
2) Have you modified any of the SmartCast settings?
3) Any VLAN's involved?
4) Any errors showing on the switchports?
5) Just "one" AP or any AP?
6) Are you tunneling?

If/when you open a case, attach these answers and a ZD debug

Working hypothesis: These packets aren't making it into a priority queue and are therefore often getting dropped. Do you have rate-limiting enabled?

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We don't have a Ruckus Premium Support contract - I think our Ruckus support is handled by the reseller so I guess I'll have to take it up with them.

1) We're sending UDP packets to a multicast address, These are short messages which tell displays mounted on our order pickers (forklifts) that stock has been picked and it is necessary to update the display to show an up to date picking list.
2) SmartCast settings? :). What are they?
3) No, both senders and recipients are on the native VLAN.
4) No, no errors showing on the switchports.
5) We only have two AP's covering our warehouse. The problem seems to happen when the sender is on one AP and the receiver is on the other AP.
6) No, traffic is not tunnelled back to the ZoneDirector.

We have call admission control enabled, but no rate limiting.