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Mesh-Root-Mesh- provider - no ping, but internet working

New Contributor III
Hi, Everyone!
I have very strange issue with my unleashed network.
My setup:
1) Main house - router mikrotik (88.1)-main gateway for network with wired connection to 2 Ruckus R710 on different Floors. Main gateway - because of backup LTE connection
2) One Ruckus R610 with mesh connection in far part of the house
3) Ruckus T310D on Garage + wired link to 2nd mikrotik (88.100) and fiber internet
All 4 Ruckus in one mesh network with wireless bridge between T310d and rest
The issue is - when i have wifi - connection to Master node -all workd fine - i can ping all network,  go to internet etc
But when i connect to mesh R610 - i can use internet, but dont have access  to network segment after 88.100 - street cameras, nas.
When i connect to mikrotiks 1 wifi - all works also fine
So my proposal than Mesh-Root-Master-Mesh - internet connection somehow blocked
I cant change default gateway to 88.100 - because in case of electrical problem on street segment can be without electricity - for main house i have backup generaton.